SoundMAGIC Replacement Vented Silicone Sports Eartips


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Replacement SoundMAGIC vented silicone eartips made for sports offer highest comfort levels while retaining an open air design when situational awareness is of importance. When riding a bike or jogging it is important to be aware of the surrounding sounds of traffic and other dangers.
SoundMAGIC have designed these eartips to retain a secure fit and wearing comfort. These vented eartips feature grooves to ensure a comfortable fit and great sound while still allowing external sounds to be heard.
With a nozzle diameter of 4.5mm these silicone sport eartips are suitable for a variety of SoundMAGIC isolating earphones. SoundMAGIC vented silicone eartips offer extended wearing comfort and high sound quality without the isolation of normal eartips.

  • 3 pairs per size (assortments include 2 pairs of each size)


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