SoundMagic E50C


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Ενδώτια ακουστικά (in ear monitors) με μια δυναμική μονάδα ήχου διαμέτρου 10mm.
Μαγνήτες νεοδυμίου σε κέλυφος αλουμινίου.
Πηνίο τυλιγμένο με ειδικό χαλκό made in Japan.
Audiophile ήχος υψηλού επιπέδου.
Φυσικός και ισορροπημένος χωρίς πρόσθετη ενίσχυση.
Με έμφαση στην περιγραφή και την λεπτομέρεια.
Διάφανο και συνεπές ως προς την ηχογράφηση.
Εξαιρετικά δυναμικό με πλατιά στερεοφωνική απεικόνιση.
Χαμηλή παραμόρφωση ακόμη και σε υψηλή ένταση.
Κατάλληλο για εξειδικευμένες συσκευές ήχου.
Καλώδιο από χαλκό υψηλής καθαρότητας με τυλιγμένο πυρήνα.
Ελαφρύ και άνετο με διακριτή εφαρμογή που δεν κουράζει.
Καλή απομόνωση από τον εξωτερικό θόρυβο.
Βύσμα με γωνία 120° για άνετη χρήση.
Με αδιάβροχο μικρόφωνο και χειριστήριο συμβατό με τηλέφωνα iOS και Android.
Με δέκα διαφορετικά ζευγάρια από ear tips και σκληρή θήκη μεταφοράς.

About the SoundMAGIC E50C

Equipped with a new driver design the SoundMAGIC E50C isolating earphones convey sound precisely resulting in a sophisticated and mature sound experience with highly refined sound. With neutral and detailed sound signature, prime build and comfortable ergonomics the E50C are sure to become a legend in the earphone world. Fitted with a 3-button remote with automatic switching between Apple and Android smartphones.

Finely attuned drivers in the heart of the SoundMAGIC E50C offer breathtaking sound reproduction with neutral musical detail with every artefact and nuance of the original recording. The redeveloped driver design of the E50C incorporate new high purity copper winding material specially imported from Japan. This material results in a higher impedance rating requiring more driving power to achieve the full potential of the E50C. A high resolution digital audio player or headphone amplifier will bring out the best sound.

Compatible with all smartphones, the E50C incorporates a microchip in the 3-button remote that switches automatically between Apple and Android smartphones. Owners of multiple smartphones can easily swap between devices to control volume, track control and call answer/end functions.

Superior Sound

Tuned to deliver a detailed and neutral sound signature with abundance of musical detail for listeners desiring a refined sound, the E50C offer breathtaking sound reproduction that will satisfy with any musical genre even at higher volume levels without distortion.

Strong Build

Precision milled solid aluminium earphone housing and thermoplastic resin nozzles make the the E50C to be robust and ready for the rigours of everyday life, whatever you throw at them. Inside the sheath of the cord the stress-resistant Twisted Core Cable ensures high durability and a tangle-free listening experience.

Intelligent Switching

Compatible with Apple and Android smartphones, the E50C incorporates a microchip in the three-button remote that detects Apple and Android smartphones and switches automatically for controlling volume, track control and telephone calls on any device.

Fit & Isolation

Ergonomically designed sound tubes sit perfectly in the ear canal and stay in the ear comfortably. The in-ear design combined with the right eartips seals music in and leaves unwanted noise out. Included in the delivery are multiple silicone and Comply eartips to ensure the correct fit for every user.



•   Driver: Dynamic, 10mm, Neodymium

•   Frequency range: 15Hz – 22kHz

•   Impedance: 51Ω

•   Sensitivity: 102dB

•   Maximum input power: 20mW

•   Cable: 1.2m

•   Connector: 3.5mm, 60-degree angled jack, gold-plated

•   Weight: 13g




•   Sophisticated accurate sound signature with abundance of detail

•   Original sound without emphasis of frequencies

•   Designed to perform best with high-resolution DAPs and headphone amplifier

•   Comfortable fit and distinctive design

•   Integrated 3-button smart remote and microphone

•   Made for Apple and Android smartphones with automatic switching

•   Twisted Core Cable with strong build and anti-tangle design

•   Full metal earphone housing construction

•   High-purity copper winding material imported from Japan

•   VoIP adaptor included for multimedia computer headset use



•   SoundMAGIC E50C in Gunmetal

•   3 pairs dome shaped silicone eartips (S/M/L)

•   3 pairs flat silicone eartips (S/M/L)

•   1 pair Double Flange silicone eartips (M)

•   1 pair Comply foam tips

•   Hard carrying case

•   Cable clip


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