SoundMAGIC – A30i lightning.


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  • lightning to 3 5mm DAC Converter – With high-quality built-in Professional DAC chip can convert high-quality digital Audio of Mobile phone into analog Audio through 3 5mm output to earphone enjoying unparalleled portable hi-fi sound, Play back longer with the ultra-low power dissipation and multi-mode dynamic power control while using smart phones.
  • Hi-Res Audio Output & Powerful Noise Reduction – Up to 32 bits / 384 kHz lossless output improves the original sound quality of mobile phones.The super noise reduction maintains the high sound quality.
  • Hi-Fi Sound – Headphone amplifier Supports headphones with impedance of 16-600ω stereo headphone impedance high-bandwidth range covers 20Hz – 50kHz signal-to-noise ratio >120dB fully filters noise and enjoys high-quality audio
  • Plug-and-Play & Ultra-Portable – No drive needed, No charge needed. Super slim design lets you connect to headphones and smart phones anytime anywhere. (Weight 11.1g).
  • Wide Compatibility – The device supports most iphones or above gadgets with lightning standard agreement.


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