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“Empyrean Phoenix is an artistic take on Empyrean that carries the same unique audio qualities as the original. We wanted to celebrate the first decade of Meze Audio in a truly remarkable way, one that matches our love for great aesthetics, good craftsmanship and innovative engineering. What we achieved can only be described as a work of contemporary art.”

Antonio Meze, Lead designer and Founder Meze Audio

With a name inspired by the myth of the Phoenix, this fiery red and black Empyrean features CNC sculpted aluminum chassis, finished with irregular patterns that create contrast and play of light and shadow.


Being entirely hand-painted, passion-infused and carefully assembled, each of the Phoenix pairs is truly unique. This limited edition has been designed for the love of sound and artistry, as a celebration of self-expression and individuality.
Empyrean Phoenix represents our pledge to the one thing that makes us Meze: art in its most functional form.
Empyrean Phoenix features the same breakthrough technology of its predecessor, encompassed by an artfully re-imagined frame.


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