Memory foam replacement earbud tips for Soundmagic earbuds


Κωδικός προϊόντος: foam Κατηγορία:


  • 3 pairs per size (assortments include 2 pairs of each size)
  • 4.3mm (.17″) connector hole compatible up to 5.8mm diameter (.23″)
  • Slow rebound memory foam with silicone connection tube
  • Ear tips are 10.8mm tall (.42″)
  • Base diameters: Small 10.5mm (.41″)  Medium 12.5mm (.49″) Large 13.5mm (.53″)
  • See other options for these models to the right

Upgrade your Soundmagic earphones with a super comfortable, memory foam earbud tip.  You’ll love the fit and and the sound isolation is great too, enabling the full potential of your Soundmagic earbuds.

Soundmagic E10, Soundmagic E10M, Soundmagic E50, Soundmagic E50S, Soundmagic E80, Soundmagic E80S, Soundmagic E30, Soundmagic EH11, Soundmagic ES18, Soundmagic PL11, Soundmagic PL-30

(Soundmagic PL-50 will use Size 2 ear tips found on homepage)


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