Fiio LT-LT1


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FiiO LT-LT1 Is Officially Released!



Rookie online! FiiO’s USB Type-C to Lightning data cable, the LT-LT1, is officially released now. It supports a connection between Apple devices and devices that support USB decoding. When making a connection to FiiO devices, such as the BTR3K/BTR5/Q3/Q5s-TC, it achieves a better use experience, making your BTR series like a little tail for convenient and closer connections.


Its approximately 10cm tiny yet robust frame is easy to store and carry, perfect for when you want to head out worry-free. For those who are in need, come and get one. You will find yourself cannot leave it anymore.


Key features of the FiiO LT-LT1 include:

*Support Apple devices

*Support lossless audio

*Closer connection


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