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The Arioso 300B is an integrated class A SET amplifier. The output tubes use stabilized DC current heater supply. A dedicated system separates the tube heating circuit from the stabilizer system. The entire amplifier circuit was build using the point-to-point method. The uniqe design and high grade components allowed us to achieve a very natural, incredibly detailed and musical sound, with well-controlled bass and a rich but not „emphasized” midrange.

Technical Specification

  • Output power: 2 x 8W
  • Frequency range: 15Hz – 32KHz +/- 3dB
  • Input sensitivity: 1V RMS
  • Input impedance: 100KOhm
  • THD: 0,3% @ 1KHz @ 1W and 2,5% @ 1KHz @ 8W
  • Input selector: 3 RCA inputs
  • Remote control: ON-OFF, input selector, volume, mute
  • Dimensions: 410x 330 x 210mm (incl. tubes)
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Designed, developed & made 100% in Poland

Box content

  • Beautifully hand-crafted Tube Amp
  • Electro Harmonix Gold 300B power tubes
  • CV181-TII PsVane 6SN7 driver tubes
  • NOS rectifier tube
  • AC cord
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card


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