About Us

Audioline l.t.d. was founded  in order to present the FiiO products to the Greek  market.

FiiO is a young brand, full of creative energy. Since our founding in 2007, FiiO has developed into a brand that has gained a significant measure of recognition in many countries and regions around the world. Within the headphone amplifier market, FiiO has quickly become the best known brand with the largest market share as well as the fastest growth. Our focus on high product quality, performance, and value has made FiiO a favorite among consumers.

Due to our accumulation of valuable technical expertise for the past years, FiiO now maintains a highly capable development team, organized under the four cornerstone design principles of “practical, convenient, creative, reliable”. We are committed to continuous innovation by performing product designs in-house, towards the goal of delivering more and better value-focused audio products.

FiiO has developed a global sales network covering North America, Europe, Asia and others, totaling over 60 distributors and resellers. Together, FiiO and our sales channel partners work efficiently to deliver high quality FiiO products and convenient support services to customers.

In order to meet fast growing market demand for our products, FiiO has recently moved to a new location with a four fold growth in production capacity. Our new facility is equipped with state of the art equipment for performing R&D, testing, QA, and production, further enhancing our production capacity and quality control.

Looking forward, FiiO will continue to regard the needs of our customers as the guide for company growth and direction. As we constantly strive to improve our capabilities and product quality standards, we aim to become a well known international brand in the near future.

Evangelos Kioutsoukis

Sales Manager